When life gives you lemons (make a cake)

So what is with the ‘I’m in isolation so I better bake banana bread’ thing? Never have I seen so many Instagram photos of home-made banana bread in my life. I have so many questions: Why do you have so many bananas? Where did you get such a plentiful bounty to allow some of them to over ripe? Why banana bread? Why not banana pancakes? … Continue reading When life gives you lemons (make a cake)

Wanna Katsu?

Look lads, I am reeeaaallly missing going out to eat. Apparently my prior essential activity of going to restaurants is now deemed as non-essential and this is my struggle (obvs staying at home with gratitude though, and so should you). I have had a particular craving for katsu curry though, a usual go-to when I am sporting a pretty big hangover… it is comfort, carbs … Continue reading Wanna Katsu?

Mushroom Bourguignon (don’t ask me how to pronounce it)

So, how do you say it? Boar-Gin-yon? Bor-geen-yoan? I sincerely apologise to the whole of France for my bastardisation of their beautiful language, really. However you say it, this is certainly a recipe you want to add to your repertoire… absolutely perfect for Sunday’s when you can’t be arsed to cook a roast, and if there are any leftovers they can be reheated (microwaved at … Continue reading Mushroom Bourguignon (don’t ask me how to pronounce it)

Schaweeeeeet-Corn Fritters

Apparently this isolation lark has meant I feel the need to have brunch practically everyday. In an attempt to get away from bacon, bread, beans and a big butt, I have had to welcome some vegetables into my morning eating… enter a tin of sweetcorn and some ambition. These sweetcorn fritters are super simple to make and pretty scrum when paired with a poached egg … Continue reading Schaweeeeeet-Corn Fritters

Piss-Head Aubergine Curry

Fun fact: I once made this at 2am completely smashed off my face on Mr Hangry Ems birthday. When hanger strikes eh? I mean, if I can cook this drunk, you can definitely have a go – I actually highly recommend slightly-merry cooking anyway, a bit of danger in the kitchen adds a sense of adventure if anything. This is a tried and tested recipe, … Continue reading Piss-Head Aubergine Curry

Tinned Sardine Appreciation Club Linguine (with Dill)

Oh my my. Who bloody knew sardines could go in anything?! I am currently battling a new obsession with them, as you can see from the fact they are in most of my recipes right now. Please don’t blame me too much, I don’t fancy queuing for an hour to get into Tesco and our local corner shop is full stocked of tinned fish… might … Continue reading Tinned Sardine Appreciation Club Linguine (with Dill)

‘What the hell is in my cupboard?’ Paella

I was incredibly lucky to have been gifted some chorizo today – the UK is still in lock down due to Covid 19 and the coffee shop where Mr Hangry Em works has food going out of date (we are working on redistributing this to our neighbours… there will be no waste). A paella was clearly the winning choice for tea… just absent of the … Continue reading ‘What the hell is in my cupboard?’ Paella