‘What the hell is in my cupboard?’ Paella

I was incredibly lucky to have been gifted some chorizo today – the UK is still in lock down due to Covid 19 and the coffee shop where Mr Hangry Em works has food going out of date (we are working on redistributing this to our neighbours… there will be no waste). A paella was clearly the winning choice for tea… just absent of the … Continue reading ‘What the hell is in my cupboard?’ Paella

Mushroom Risotto

One of my favourite meals of all time is mushroom risotto – what isn’t there to like? Rice… good, wine… good, cheese… good, mushrooms… yessss! If you have a well-stocked store cupboard it is also a pretty cheap meal too (I must admit I ALWAYS have parmesan in the fridge as I see it as an essential… apologies for the wankery). Although quick, cheap and … Continue reading Mushroom Risotto